Metamorphosis, Series 1, #6, Petals

Landscape photography exploring the Northern sublime. I use vintage cameras and traditional processing techniques to create romantic images that explore the human psyche as reflected in the landscape.

Initially exploring themes of memory, belonging and identity in relation to my Scandinavian heritage, I soon became interested in how the Northern landscape could serve as an uncanny backdrop for explorations into the human mind.

Abstract forest and water images invite the viewer to leave the commonplace behind and voyage inwards. ‘Tales from the Forest’, taken with a Victorian plate camera on handmade negatives, is a journey into origin and life cycles. ‘Metamorphoses’, created with a more recent 1930s Zeiss Ikon camera, explores a sense of transformation and development of potential.

The viewer is offered an experience of the sublime through the images which simultaneously, via an honest exposure of the techniques involved in their creation e.g. light-flare or scratches on the surface of the Victorian camera work or double-exposure in the colour pictures, remind viewer of the actual reality of the image as illusion.